Church Covenant

We do covenant:
To keep the commandments of God and to walk in the love and faith of Jesus;
To take the Bible as our guide of faith and practice;
To study it diligently that we may know His will;
To have concern for the physical and spiritual needs of each other;
To the intent that we may build up together in Christ;
To support the work of the church through attendance, participation, and financial contributions;
To work for the up-building of God's kingdom through example and evangelism.​​​​​​

Worship services are held each Sabbath, all are welcome.

​​Order of Service

10 - 11 AM         Sabbath School

11 - 11:30 AM    Meet and Greet / Fellowship

11:30 AM           Worship Begins

Sabbath Fellowship Lunch is held each third Sabbath of the month following the worship service.​​

Christ Jesus' Seventh Day Baptist Church